Episode 22 - Oppacito vs Last Empress

March 21, 2019

Episode 22 - this really is our last look at The Last Empress as our guest, John, comes back for a final analysis!  We ask the big questions: can a grandmother killer be redeemed?  can there be an overweight hero? why extend the show?  can people burn in a car and come out with just a scratch on the face?

Episode 21 - Cuteness overload fills the gap of the Last Empress

March 7, 2019

The mamas bid goodbye to our Empress but happy to report that any void left by The Last Empress is filled by the cuteness overload in Touch Your Heart. We celebrate our first post from someone not known to the mamas... yay! One taste of that dialogue and the mamas want more, so let us know what you're watching, what you want us to watch and chat about. 

Episode 20 - Running Solo (aka The Time Jane Hijacked the Show)

February 25, 2019

Episode 20 - Melissa is away on vacation and Jane has hijacked the podcast to talk all about Running Man.  So, the synopsis is Running Man, Running Man and more Running Man.  We look at the latest episode 440 and why Jane thinks that this is a great all-around episode to use to recommend to first-time watchers.  It's an introductory episode - Jane's fishing for topics for future hijackings - dedicate an episode to favorite cast members?  Special guests?  Storylines?  LOVELINES?  Come listen and have your say!

Episode 19 - Empress Extended - Yay or Nay?

February 19, 2019

Episode 19 - We debate whether or not The Last Empress should have been extended... and Mel learns where opium comes from!  What a weird sentence that was unless you follow the show!  As we get ready to wave bye-bye to the last empress, we look at the two new shows that we will follow - Sky Castle and Touch Your Heart!  Jane's tiger mom instincts kick into full gear as she takes notes from Sky Castle - will Mel be able to keep her in check and save her kids from studying misery?  Tune in as our own drama begins...

Episode 18 - My momma’s sooooo mean that she makes your momma look like Santa Claus!

February 13, 2019

Hello listeners...tune in to hear Jane and Mel discuss the worst momma on The Last Empress - who would you vote for as worst mom on the series? The Mamas also introduce some new shows and Jane gives a great tip for anyone wanting to finish off a series in just 4 hours! We're excited to start chatting about Touch Your Heart as we get ready to say goodbye to the Last Empress...sniff sniff! 

Episode 17 - What are we doing here?… and The Last Empress

February 4, 2019

Episode 17 - we carry on with The Last Empress and it's all sorts of crazy!  We look at what we're doing here in the podcasting world and look ahead to the next shows to follow as The Last Empress starts to wind down.  If you missed our first guest from Episode 15, he makes a short appearance here (albeit, in the form of a clip).  Brief synopsis of Urban Cops is also provided as Jane tries to lure Melissa into watching a reality show.  Our next episode will be more in-depth on The Last Empress... we promise!

Episode 16 - Liver or Die

January 24, 2019

Episode 16 - Coming off the high of having their first guest on the podcast, Jane and Mel chat about the deprivation they experienced from only having 2 episodes of The Last Empress this week, but glad that more of Choi Jin-Hyuk's flirty smiles were introduced to make up for the void! Look out for the KDramaMamas' unplanned segway into North American shows and Mel's Netflix recommendations. Also, a Conan and Jang Na Ra collab - what???! What is Liver or Die, you ask - listen and learn! 

Episode 15 - Oppacito vs The Last Empress

January 24, 2019

Episode 15 - Our First Guest, Oppacito (John) takes on The Last Empress!  John applies his kdrama knowledge (from 16 years ago) and watched the first 1 hour of The Last Empress to give us his predictions for the show.  We learn of a new kdrama trope - YOUNG CHEST!  Say what now...?  Looking forward to the next Oppacito visit... 

Episode 14 - A Triangle of Love

January 17, 2019

In this episode, the Mamas chat about the weird nuances in the show and their ability to resist where the writers are trying to take the audience. Jane's itch to see the two lead characters kiss leads to a wager on which episode the ultimate kiss will happen - listen to discover what the mamas guess and play along - throw up an episode number for your guess! 

Episode 13 - Hello 2019… and The Last Empress

January 9, 2019

Episode 13 - Our first podcast of 2019 and we're losing our minds over The Last Empress!  We have both given up on trying to guess what happens next... we will leave that to the expert writers!  We examine just how far we are willing to abandon all logic and reason in following this show and we can't wait for the next 20 episodes!!